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Parade protest


Npower: massage to all npower beneficiaries.

Hello dear readers, it will be of your interest to know the latest happenings in the country especially about npower.

In the recent days back npower beneficiaries when on peaceful protest concerning their parmanency and issues that has to do with the Disengagement saga.

Therefore as the protests went viral, it reaches the senate where they said, they will check into the matter.

Meanwhile as the campaign for parmanency is ongoing, the ministry of humanitarian social affairs and disaster management said that the beneficiaries have no room for parmanent work, as they said that, the program can not accommodate all the npower beneficiaries.

Moreover they went on to tell the nation that batch A and batch B can only be disengage so as for the new batch C could be recruited.

So dear reader this makes npower now to recruit this set of batch C, you can find the link below if you like to apply. is the official portal for the application of the ongoing npower batch C.

Back to the update, according to the npower beneficiaries can not be given a full time job, rather a test will be conducted which will guarantee their engagement. But it is not yet disclose on what actually is the transition plan.

Stay tuned as good news will surely come your way.

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