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"The Midwest Aren't Biafrans Or Yorubas, We Won't Be Used By Those Who Want To Break Nigeria"- Pedro

It's no longer news that many people have been agitating for Biafra and the Yoruba nation. In recent times, these agitations have been intensified as the Yoruba nation has started its awareness campaign. Well, the fact is that many people are against this movement and have dissociated themselves from them.

However, a recent video where a man, Dr Pedro Obasaki explained why the midwest region is not part of Biafra or Oduduwa.

In the video, Dr Pedro Obasaki also talked about the supposed Oduduwa Republic and Biafra Map. He said that whatever triggers the imagination of these agitators to engage in this treasonable act, the midwest is not part of it. He said that their forefathers fought for the creation of the midwest region before independence. He said the leaders of that movement were Chief Dennis Chukud, Oba Akenzua II (Oba of Benin), Chief Jereton, Hon. James Otobo but the British left it in the hands of the first republic politicians. Dr Pedro said that on 9th August 1963, the midwest would not destroy the labours of their heroes past. He said everyone that fought for the creation of the midwest region can be pushed aside by some selfish people who dream of breaking Nigeria. He said the bendel people cannot be used as collateral damage in the process of determining the future of Nigeria. He said they will protect their people, insisting on a defined identity. Dr Pedro said "We're Not Yorubas, We're Not Biafrans and no selfish group can dismantle the unity of the midwest region.

He went on to explain that the Midwest was the only region created by a constitutional process, he said others were by British or military decree.

Dr Don Pedro Obasaki noted that they are not fighting for the division of Nigeria, saying that they want more equitable recognition. He said he believes there's something unique about the midwest region. He said they occupy a unique Geographical and Geopolitical position.

In conclusion, he said that the Midwest can not be used as sacrificial rams by those who want to divide the country.

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