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Nigeria At 61: May The Labour Of Our Heroes Past Never Be In Vain

As Nigerians celebrate 61 years of independence from colonialism and dictatorship which was propelled partly by the sacrifices of her founding fathers and nationalists of that era, they fought vigorously for it.

The agitation which gave birth to Nigeria was propelled by the desires of this great nationalist to build a nation of their dreams where the lives of citizens mattered and their properties also secured. The burning desire in the heart of the great patriarchs of Nigeria was to liberate their people from slavery thereby giving hope to the generations unborn. The vehement pursuit of this singular goal brought about the freedom we all celebrate today as our Independent Day.

The likes of Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Amadu Bello, Anthony Enahoro and Ladoke Akintola put their life in the line and fought tirelessly to earn Nigeria her independence.

The growth of Nigeria and its citizens was the primary focus of the then leaders. Their interest was also majorly to ensure that the country developed socio-politically, enjoy economic grown and good educational and technological infrastructure amongst others. As a way of raising great successors, they invested in the education of youths and ensured they had lucrative jobs to further make them better successors.

Today, the reverse is the case because the people who took over power from this great nationalist have become cunning and unruly, enriching themselves from that which is meant to feed the nation and leaving the nation starved of everything accrued to our independence as a sovereign nation. Today leaders have become experts at making juicy promises, not because they wish to fulfil them, but because they wish to earn for themselves political power and control over the wealth of the nation.

The youth today have been denied the benefits which were the youths of yesterday benefited from. Kidnap of students and banditry attacks has become a threat to education which is meant to empower the youth and brighten the hope of Nigeria for a better tomorrow. No lucrative jobs, evidenced by the presidential declaration that there are no more jobs in Nigeria for graduates. Industrialization and economic growth in Nigeria have also experience retardation, such that has never been in the history of this country. Nigeria in recent times has recorded so much international debt which is caused by the incessant borrowing by its leaders. Are we not selling our nation out to modern-day colonialism? Are we not trading the freedom that was won for us by the labour of our heroes past?

The unknown, but golden future of Nigeria now lies in the hands of a few people notable for lies and deceit, looting and embezzlement of public funds.

Arise, o compatriots! If we must have the Nigeria our heroes fought for, the Nigeria of our dreams, then we must give room for restructuring. Our nation’s political system must be restructured from the wards to the presidency. It is not an individual’s duty but the collective effort of every Nigerian.

We must seek to elect into offices leaders whose primary interest is to serve our father’s land with love and strength and faith.

As Nigeria celebrates her independence, we desire that the labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain, but that their laudable dreams become a reality; “To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign”  

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