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NDDC Forensic Audit: How Has The NDDC Solve The Problems of the Niger Delta Region?

The situation of the Niger Delta region is likened to a Prince walking on foot, while servants are riding on horses. Despite the enormous wealth and riches of the oil producing region, her people still lives in abject squalor and are highly improvised due poor leadership and corruption.

The Niger Delta Development Commission NDDC, is a federal government agency that is established by Nigeria's former President Olusegun Obasanjo in the year 2000. The sole mission of the commission, is to help develop the oil-rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Presently, under the leadership of Godswill Apakbio, who is the Minister of the NDDC, the agency is undergoing serious interrogation and scrutiny, due to issues relating to corruption.

The ongoing forensic audit on the commission before the National Assembly, shows that trillions of naira has been showered on this agency with nothing to show for it in the region. The people of the region are going through hell while some corrupt officials siphon the money meant for the development of the region, for themselves and families.

The major problems bedeviling the Niger Delta region includes; oil spillage, depletion of the fish population, poor infrastructural amenities, lack of pure drinkable water, to mention but a few. Several ministers of the NDDC have come and gone yet the region is being left in such a depleted state. Presently, the crisis between the National Assembly and the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), is due to its failure and inability to explain the whereabouts of N143b, being part of N305.5b released to the agency in the 2019 budget.

It is very annoying that a commission established to help ease the problems of the Nger Delta people, has become the epicenter if corruption and looting, due to poor leadership and supervision. What has the Niger Delta people benefited since the creation of this agency? Many people have lost their lives fighting for the liberation of the region, but to no avail. If the commission or agency is incapable of developing the Niger Delta region, it should be replaced or probably scrapped.

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