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Benue Communal Clash - Tiv And Igede Community Resume Fresh Hostilities

Suspected Tiv militia whose sponsors are yet unknown, today at about 2pm Sunday 19th July , 2020 took the residents of Obotu , Iyiwo and Ukpute Communities respectively by surprise with heavy military assault that left many sustained various degrees of injuries from bullets wounds .

The level of casualties is yet to be identified as eye witness confirmed that the Tiv militia are using sophisticated machine guns to launch onslaught on the innocent Igede residents . Sounds of heavy artillery from the Tiv marauders could be heard as far as the Local Govt Headquarters, Oju about 15 kilometers from the troubled spot.

The Igede people of Ukpute were reported to be singing Christian choruses similar to the ones the Israelites sang that brought the walls of Jericho down in defense of Tiv militias' merciless attacks .

Recall that about 3 weeks ago, when they had same clash, the governor sued for peace and asked both communities to sheath their swords. Whatever is the reason for the resumed hostilities is really shocking to say the least.

It has been emotional reactions from users of Facebook who naturally took sides with the Igede community as they're the minority and the weak sides.

We pray God to restore peace to the land

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