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Opinion: How Internal Party Conflicts Always Make Anambra Elections The Toughest In Nigeria.

Anambra weighs heavily on the minds of many, especially with the People's Democratic Party (PDP) and the All People's Grand Alliance (APGA) party, there is is a strong urgency for them to bury their hatchets respectively and solve their internal party conflicts, because it's not helping the growth of the state. It will be a deep shame if Valentine Ozigbo and Charles Soludo are not on the ballot come November 2021, but then Ugochukwu Uba (PDP) and Umeorji (APGA) are not backing down either, this happens in almost all Anambra elections, one of the reasons the State is said to have the toughest election in Nigeria.

There seems to be a steady reoccurrence of similar scuffles during every election in Anambra state, the State cannot keep going one step forward, and 99 steps backwards as a people. The November 2021 Anambra elections, has become a judicial free-for-all, judges in courts all over Nigeria are producing all manner of orders to enable all manner of aspirants. 

It's been reported that the State high court ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to publish Senator Ugochukwu Uba as the authentic PDP candidate, the same day Federal high court, Abuja, ordered the same INEC to publish Mr Valentine Ozigbo as the authentic PDP candidate, how long will these type of factional wars and misunderstanding keep happening in Anambra PDP.

Despite all that's happening, the end goal will always be good governance and the key is asking the needed questions about their manifesto, engaging with the process, participating, voting, holding whoever emerges accountable, and partnering with them towards a greater Anambra State.

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