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Drinking Alcohol is not a sin, even in Heaven they drink wine - Reno Omokri proves with scriptures

Reno Omokri has made a message that is casing controversy. Reno Omokri, a Pastor and former spokesman of Former Spokesman of Former Goodluck Jonathan. He made this assertion on his Twitter handle, @renoomokri.

He said drinking alcohol is no sin. Drunkenness is sin. It is unscriptural to preach against alcohol. He then collected the following Bible passages: Even heaven they drink wine (Matthew 26:29). Paul encouraged wine drinking (1 Tim 5:23). Scripture allows you use your tithe to buy alcohol (Deu 14:26)

He further said that religionists argue that if Scripture says wine, it refers to non alcoholic wine. Scriptural wine is ALCOHOLIC (John 2:10). Deut 14:26 even refers to it as STRONG DRINK. Anything done in excess, including wine, is a sin.

He further said that it was alcoholic wine that Jesus turned water to. Saying "It is uninformed to say Christ turned water into non alcoholic wine. Not only that, you invite curses on yourself by virtue of Revelation 22:18. Even the governor of the feast confirmed that it was alcoholic wine (John 2:10). Drink. Don’t get drunk." See his tweets:

What do you think about this opinion from Reno Omokri?

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