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What Gowon And Babangida Said About The Igbo Presidency That We Should Know.

The agitation for the Igbo Presidency has always been making headlines in Nigeria ever since the Ohanaeze Ndigbo claimed that Igbo people, who are one of the most important tribes in Nigeria, deserve to produce President Buhari's successor more than any other tribe in Nigeria.

Furthermore, many politicians in Nigeria who see no reason for this kick against it with the claim that zoning is not in our constitution and many powerful countries that we follow in the world don't practice zoning of the presidency.

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Apart from that, many northerners also believe that Igbo people, especially Ohanaeze youth, who claim that they will support the call for Biafra if another northerner becomes president, are not asking for the presidency in the right way.

They believe that if they truly want to produce President Buhari's successor, they should have a roundtable meeting with them, as it would be better than giving threats.

However, as the Igbo Presidency keeps sparking reactions in Nigeria, let's look back on what Gowon and Babangida said about it.

Yakubu Gowon:

Earlier in 2020, according to Naija news, Yakubu Gowon, the former president of Nigeria during the military time, claimed that he had no problems with the Igbo Presidency because everybody and every tribe in Nigeria has the power to vote and to be voted for.

If allowing an Igbo presidency is the only way to end marginalization and bring peace to our country, there is nothing bad about it.

Gowon further urges the people not to file or kick against the Igbo Presidency because making it possible is the only thing that will bring peace in our society.

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Ibrahim Babangida:

Just like how many Igbo people want, according to blueprint newspaper, Babangida shows his readiness to back the Igbo presidency at all angles, vowing that he will surely vote for any Igbo man who wants to be president.

He further urged the Igbo people to try to coexist peacefully with the people of other regions in order to increase their chances of ruling Nigeria because becoming president is not something they can do alone.

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