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Presidency finally speaks on 'losing control of government'

President Buhari finally speaks on 'losing control of his government'

President Muhammadu Buhari has finally reacted through his media aid 'Gaba Shehu' after a long while of keeping mute concerning rumours about 'losing control of his government', which has been trending in the country. 

Gaba Shehu, in doing what he knows how to do best was on Sunday, according to politics Nigeria, has clear the air concerning the rumours and also describe it as 'False' and 'Fallacious' statement.

Gaba went further to condemn the act by most of Nigeria opinion article writers and newspaper editorials for extravagantly said that president Buhari was not in control of his government.

He was worried about whether if those writers are actually aware of the implications about their action.

In a statement by made available by politics Nigeria from Gaba Shehu “As many detractors have done lately, these “influencers”, “celebrated columnists" and "editorial comments" do no more than endorsing the opposition's utterly wrong and fallacious position that the president is not in charge of his government."

"Sometimes, we are forced to wonder whether some writers are mindful of the implication of words for the strategic and territorial interests of the nation. An entrenched culture of dissent in our country is not something that anyone, not least a Buhari presidency wants to stamp down".

However, Gabu Shehu cautioned Nigerians to desist from posting such and urge every Nigerians to stand firm in supporting Mr President Buhari in this fight against corruption in the country to get justice for all Nigerians. He also added that Mr president Buhari doesn't deserve such critics, as he reminded editorial writers in Nigeria "that ECOWAS, African Union, AU and the International community at large recognize Buhari as the champion of Anti-corruption fight in Africa", he said.

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