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Dino gets befitting replies from Nigerians as he lists the things Buhari should be worried about.

Does drama and controversy ever seize to exist in our political space?, Almost everyone would draw from past and present experiences in answering this question as the answer is a definite NO.

The drama gets even more interesting when the topic of discuss revolves around the president of the country.

Leadership in Nigeria have been the most difficult of all jobs any man can carry on his shoulder. The vast nature of the country in population and land mass has made the occupant of the ultimate seat to come under constant scrutiny and criticism.

The emergence of any president in this country always signal a start to full scrutiny, observation, criticism and even opposition to the ideas of the individual that have been confirmed the next leader and Buhari is no exception.

His pedigree as an anti corruption crusader has endeared him to many and at the same time, earned him quite a handful of critic especially from the political class, as such, Buhari's activities and policies constantly come under attack.

The Advent of democracy have given us the leverage to voice out and openly criticise the policy and style of the most supreme leader of the land. In other words, the liberal nature of a democratic society have encouraged alot of people to speak truth to power and also express their opinion without fear of arrest.

From Obasanjo to Yar'Adua, Jonathan and finally to Buhari, the story has always been the same as many leaders suddenly become unpopular in the good remarks of their rivals for as long as they remain in Aso rock.

In the same vain, there is never been a time in Nigeria where all Nigerians appear to be on the same page about the the leadership style of a sitting president.

Infact, every subsequent president to come usually predicates his campaign on the popular Lamentations of Nigerians about the incumbent.

Fast forward into the second term of Buhari's administration, tongues are still wagging as unemployment rate still soar high, inflation rate is on a steady rise, and a vast majority of the populace are in dire need of economic aid and stimulus.

In addition, insecurity is on an all time high as banditry, terrorism and other civil vices are still troubling the peace and progress of the country.

These situations have however, justify the reason why citizens criticise the government of the day as well as attributing every set back in the land to their alleged incompetence.

For most people however, only the ordinary man reserves the right to complain or attack the person of the president as they are the ones feeling the heat and not anybody who has been in the leadership cycle.

As such, they would come for the jugular of any politicians that tries to sympathize or join forces with them in critisizing leaders.

Recently, the former senator representing kogi west; Dino Melaye was given a taste of this resolve when he critisized Buhari and called on the president to be worried about the economic set backs in the administration of this country citing Twitter's decision to locate it's African headquarters in Ghana and not Nigeria.

As expected, Nigerians on Twitter condemned the senator and his kinds for always portraying Nigeria in bad image and not being rational or objective in their demand for good Governance.

Some others also alleged that the senator has a hand in what dragged Nigeria to this level and does not have the moral right to join forces with well meaning Nigerians in complaining about the state of things in the country.


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