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During The Campaign, The Candidate I Met Everywhere Was Tinubu; BAT Is Not Anybody’s Boy - Adebayo

Prince Adebayo's appearance on ’90 Minutes Africa provided a platform for him to share his views on important political issues in Nigeria. His insights into the reasons for the success of the President-elect's campaign and the steps that Nigerians can take to bring about positive change were particularly noteworthy. Overall, his appearance on the programme was an important contribution to the ongoing political discourse in Nigeria.

Prince Adebayo's participation in the programme provided an opportunity for him to share his views on various issues and to engage with a wide audience. His insights on the importance of learning from successful strategies and the need for a united opposition are valuable lessons that can be applied in future elections.

According to him:

"Many of the people in politics are merely agents, not principal. The reason why Buhari and Tinubu could form a coalition is because Buhari isn’t anybody’s boy. He was the leader of his own team. Tinubu isn’t a follower of anybody. He is not anybody’s boy. But some of these people may be forming alliance with them while in actual fact they are working for establishment people. And once they call them into the room and tell them what to do that’s exactly what they will do. The people you want to follow are also following and shadowing some people, too."

"It’s like the war in Ukraine. If you negotiate with Ukraine without USA inputs, it amounts to nothing. If you talk to Putin, he alone can decide for his country. So whatever peace you are negotiating, you must put the USA into account. You must be sure the people who are running are doing so on their own. If you look at Sowore, he doesn’t fear anybody. If he agrees with you, that is it. He doesn’t need to go and clear with somebody somewhere. Kwankwaso is an independent person. But over time, the person who wins is most likely who has the majority of the people working for them."

"Whether for good or for bad, that’s another thing entirely. In the course of the campaign, the candidate I met everywhere was Tinubu. There is always one governor, one senator, one Reps member, one House member, and one traditional ruler working for him everywhere you go. I think we need to do that too with better people. It’s very difficult though because we don’t agree on the same thing."

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