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Gov. Ayade, His Style Of Leadership And Why He Seems To Have Failed Cross Riverians

By May 2023, the executive governor of Cross River State, Sir Ben Ayade will be bowing out of office for another governor to oversee the affairs of the state.

Ever since he emerged as governor of the state in 2015, there has been lots of criticism and backlash on him for not being able to complete a particular project in the state. But for me, he has done the little he can for the state despite the little resource Cross River State gets from the Federal purse.

In this article, we will be looking at Ayade's style of leadership and three reasons why it seems like he has failed Cross Riverians.

Ayade's Leadership Style

Ayade is the type of governor that expects everyone to reason like him regardless of their field of study. He always expects his cabinet members to see things from his point of view, which is why they hardly counter his decisions when he releases one.

Everyone knows Ayade to be vast and smart. No matter the subject matter placed before him, he must have knowledge about it, which is why his cabinet members do not proffer solutions to him even if he comes up with a dangerous idea.

According to some of his cabinet members, Ayade is all-knowing so needless of correcting him when he says a thing. That is his style of leadership.

Below are some reasons why he seems to have failed Cross Riverians.

1. Too Ambitious

Governor Ayade is very ambitious. He wishes he could do everything he sees abroad for the state.

He comes up with great ideas and projects that can take the state to another level, forgetting that there are little or no resources for such ideas. And when he fails to achieve those ambitions, Cross Riverians begin to mock him and see him as a failure.

2. Lack of Support

Governor Ayade is one of the most criticized governors in Nigeria. People just dislike him for no reason.

And there is no way one can succeed without support from the masses, which is why no matter what he does, many still say he has failed the state.

3. Appointees

Another reason why it seems the governor is failing is most of his appointees. I believe that as a professional, it is not every fight or argument you go into. You choose your battles. But the reverse is the case for most of Ayade's appointees. They go into arguments all the time with Cross Riverians in the media. This further makes people dislike the governor, believing the governor sent them.

But I think the governor is not the one asking them to fight on his behalf. This single act makes many see Ayade as a failure for having incompetent appointees.

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