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Opinion: Does Buhari have more public appeal than Azikwe, Awolowo and other Nigerian leaders?

There have been many great Nigerian leaders who have led Nigeria or parts of it since the country gained independence from the British colonial rule.

Some of these leaders had a great impact on the independence of Nigeria while some others helped the country achieve some of the great things it had achieved over the years.

These leaders would always be Nigeria's greatest heroes, however, recent statements from Nigeria's vice-president, Yemi Osinbajo, and president Buhari aide, Femi Adesina could be challenging the popularity and public appeal that these leaders had before they died.

Nigeria's vice-president recently made a statement that President Buhari may be the most popular president Nigeria has ever produced.

An aide to the president, Femi Adesina backed this claim and stated that in his lifetime, he has never seen anyone who has more public appeal than Buhari, including great leaders like Azikwe, Awolowo, and others. He claimed that people are attracted to Buhari like bees are attracted to honey.

This claim seemed quite amusing to me so I decided to look into it to find out if Buhari has more public appeal more than Nigeria's past and present leaders.

A quick glance through some of the comments on social media over the claims made by presidential aide showed that most of the users were not in support of what he stated.

However, social media is not the only way to judge if this claim is actually true, so I continued my research and found out that Nnamdi Azikwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Aminu Kano, Ahmadu Bello, Obasanjo Olusegun, and other leaders were all loved and openly supported by people from their region and some other regions of Nigeria.

They were very active and made many contributions to the development of Nigeria, hence their popularity spread throughout the country and abroad. Their names are even taught to little children and can be found in school books because of what they did in their time.

President Buhari has been in power for over 6 years now and has also done some good things for Nigeria. He is quite popular among many Nigerians, particularly from the North who were largely responsible for his re-election.

President Buhari is usually followed around by his supporter and some Nigerians because of his status as the president of the country. His status largely contributes to the public appeal that he has.

However, compared with past leaders like Azikwe, Awolowo, and Obasanjo, I would like to opine that he may not have as much public appeal as these past leaders did.

One of the reasons why I have this opinion is because these leaders were very active and engaged with the masses and their supporters. Buhari may interact well with his supporters, however, he may not have as much support from Nigerians as he has from his followers.

Another reason why Buhari may not have as much public appeal as our past leaders is because many people are not happy with the current situation of the country and may not be getting what they expected from the president.

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