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Why Only People From Anambra South Should contest the Anambra Gubernatorial Election.(Opinion)

As governor Willie Obiano tenure is mandated to end in 2021. The question of who will succeed him as governor and where the person will come from is now about the most asked question in Anambra State and beyond.


I have read from different notable personalities regarding the controversial discuss concerning the call for zoning in the upcoming race on who will take over from the present governor of Anambra state.

In the light of all the submissions made by various frontiers at different levels it is obvious that one thing is certain.

Anambra state governorship position by 2021 will make it 16 year of adminstration shared between The Central and North. With Anambra state operating under a three Senatorial zone system. This demands that the next Senatorial zone to take over the Barton should be the South to complete the relay.

Therefore, I strongly propose that only politicians from Anambra South Should be allowed to contest the party tickets of the three main political party in Anambra State.

Any attempt trying to disuade this unifying formular will be counter unifying to the development and Political unity of Anambra state.

It is a pity that most of the writers against zoning fall under same roof clamouring for zoning at the federal level, sadly they will try to twist the logic at the state level. This is a clear indication that their views and opinion are motivated by their selfish agenda rather than equity and fairness.

Speaking about competent today, I doubt if there is any Senatorial zone in Anambra state today that have more competent personel than South.

Anambra state must not allow any form of greed and selfish calculation to resurrect the spirit of disunity among us.

We must use our sense to share the meat in the soup for the development of Anambra state.

What are your thoughts?

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