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Some People Rent Professional Mourners at Funerals. Have You Attended A Funeral With One Present?

We all at one time have to face the painful reality of losing someone, and the moments after such as the wake and keep.

So, it would interest you to know some people hire professional mourners to mourn at the burial. These people are called moirologist, or mutes.

It is a common practice in most countries. When a prominent person dies, these mutes are hired. The mutes learn about the life and background of the deceased. And gather on the burial day or memorial service to display their sorrow.

The history of these mutes are not well known but, Experts have traced the history of professional mourners far back as early Egypt and ancient China.

In Nigeria Professional mourners also exist but have evolved and mourned in an artistic form. Some tend to sing Burial songs accompanied by drummers while reading out eulogies. And there are those who just cry.

They sometimes feign as women groups or societies and play the roles of mutes at certain times depending on the demand.

The popularity of mutes is fast growing from its origin in Asia and Africa to countries in Europe and America.

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