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Everyone is Talking about Tinubu and Atiku but this is who is destined to take over From Buhari!

It is definitely going to be another close contest between The All Progressive Party APC and People's Democratic Party PDP in the 2023 Presidential Election.

It might still look far but trust me that Parties are already making moves to see who will be their Presidential Candidate.

Although it's a very difficult Process, especially when you have to go through the Primaries and become the eventual Candidate, but you will surely be losing some Party members along the line.

There's been talks across the country about Former Governor of Lagos state, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar and the current Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El Rufai who are already showing interest for 2023.

Let us start from El Rufai who is rumoured to contest by 2023. How Popular is he across the country? what are his antecedents to deserve the votes of Nigerians? Will he even win the Primaries?

When you answer the questions above, you will realise that El Rufai is already out of the race even before it started and might be very risky for APC to make him the Party Flag bearer.

El Rufai hasn't done badly as the Governor of Kaduna state, but he hasn't done really good as well, making people to doubt his competence if Given the Opportunity to lead the country.

Looking at the Zoning Process this time around, it is believed that the Southwest and Southeast will be the favourite to win that Position come 2023, making El Rufai already out of the Race.

Now let us talk about Atiku Abubakar who has always been in the Picture for a long time now but yet to come out Victorious so far.

His Popularity across the country has never been a doubt, but when people talk most about Atiku Abubakar is his antecedents, especially during his time as the Vice President of Nigeria.

For Example, the 2019 Presidential Election where he came up against Incumbent Muhammadu Buhari and still lost shows why Atiku should just Forget about being the President of Nigeria.

A lot of Nigerians see him a very controversial and one who isn't trustworthy when it comes to the affairs of the country.

Another thing that will go against Atiku Abubakar is the zoning which might not be going to the north again as they've been there since the time of Yaradua until his death which made Good luck Jonathan become the President.

PDP would also want a Fresh Candidate this time around and one who has great antecedents and integrity when in the position of leadership.

The major surprise of them all has to be Bola Ahmed Tinubu who many believe shouldn't have shown interest in the Position of the President as it might bring more dent to his Political image.

Tinubu is also very Popular in the country but not to the extent of winning a Presidential Election and i will tell you why.

His Popularity basically is in the core southwestern part of Nigeria and he is certain of getting massive votes from this region, come 2023.

The Southeast and Northern part of Nigeria will be the greatest challenge for Tinubu as most of the people in that region don't support him.

What antecedents does he have across the country and why do you think he will succeed as the President if given the chance? Will APC want to go with Tinubu and ditch other candidates? Has he been tested before with a Position across the country?

These questions arr very difficult to answer because the highest i can remember for Tinubu is him being the National leader for the All Progressive Party which isn't a valid Position to show that you're capable.

And lastly, i think his age might also be a factor against him winning the 2023 Presidential Election, if given a chance eventually.

There's only one man who will easily win the Presidential Election if given the chance and that is the current Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

If it was some years back, you might use his Political inexpensive against him, but now he has shown how well he understands Positions like the President of Nigeria.

If you recall the time President Muhammadu Buhari was sick for about 3 months, Osinbajo took up that Position well, by making the moves for the Cleaning of Ogoni land, bringing political differences together with his decision making, also helping the Economy to regain strength just within that period.

Talk about his Popularity now in the country, he is very well known across all regions and that's also a very big advantage for him.

His time under Buhari also brought him closer to the Northerners, by traveling to affected regions of Security insurgencies, that's enough statement to show why he will be a good leader.

Like i said earlier, it will be a very difficult decision by APC to ditch Tinubu for Osinbajo, so, this also means that we might be seeing another coming together of a new Party if the Political difference aren't solved be the Election Period.

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