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This is the youngest presidential candidate in Nigeria at the age of 35.

In time past we have had a series of elections due to the Democratic stature, this is to ensure that the countries of the world develop a democratic rule whereby Democratic parties come together in order for the masses to elect a candidate who is capable of ruling them.

Democracy in Nigeria isn't against such rules, although places like the united kingdom have a queen who stands to be their ruler. The elections involve electoral candidates from different Democratic parties, these candidates pass through stages and if successfully completed the electoral commission will announce the winner based on the total number of votes.

In the history of Nigeria after independence, several leaders emerged to show their capability of handling situations in the country, and at such, we had prime ministers, head of state, President, and also chief of staff. In the reign of presidents, it has been known to be that it's only the elderly, meaning those of age, that can participate in the democratic elections and stand as a candidate for the presidential elections.

Most Nigerians complain about the presidential leaders being old along with some of their governors and state officials. The seat of the president is only for those who are trustworthy and also loved by the people. Without trust, no one can be able to vote for a candidate that is not trustworthy. But things are changing as to the enthusiasm of the youth who seek to run for the presidential position.

The federal government as a whole is the highest level of government in the world, this means that the presidential position isn't a joke but needs to be taken with absolute earnestness. The presidency is often regarded as one of the most important sections in the federal government. This is to say that before anyone can proceed to be a candidate for the presidency, you must attain a high level of education and also portray your use of intellect in managing things.

A member of the advanced allied party, Chike Ukaegbu emerged as the youngest presidential candidate in Nigeria. He is 35 years of age and his vice president, Safiya Ogoh is 47 years old. Chile showed much interest in the presidential elections and stared at his campaign, he is among the 73 lists of presidential candidates who are aspiring for the position of the president.

He was born in Imo State, Nigeria, and also had his primary schooling in Nigeria. When he was 19 years old, he went to further his studies in the United States which was during his second year at the University of Lagos. He graduated with a degree in biomedical engineering in the city college, NYC, and studied leadership at Cornell University, he also studied venture capital at Stanford and completed an MBA at Upenn's Wharton business school.

He is the co-founder of startup52 in New York City and has been interviewed in numerous events. He is ready to beat all odds and compete for the president seat showing his major agenda for the nation as legit. He is among the list of the top 100 most influential people of African descent. He has no fear of facing his contemporaries and is settled to contest standing as the ruler and only presidential candidate of the advanced allied party.

Pictures of Chike Ukaegbu (The youngest Presidential candidate in Nigeria).

Chike Ukaegbu is in need of the support of the Nigerian masses as he continues his campaign for the next presidential election which will take place in 2023. Although he is the month if February 2019, his adversary in the All progressive congress (APC) emerged the winner of the presidential election with a total of 15, 191, 847 votes.

He has a vision and he believes that over 60% of the population of Nigeria is youth, he believes that the youth can do better. The only way to know this is when a youth emerges as the winner of the next presidential election.

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