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US ELECTION: Supremacy Battle Between Republicans And Democrats.

The political battle between the Republicans and the Democrats has been a mouth watering issue and a major concern in America as a whole. Just as the both party logo symbolises-an elephant and a donkey respectively, who is going to emerge victorious at the next presidential election in November? Both the presidential election and various statistical measures appeared to bear out the conventional wisdom.

Reminiscing president Trump's statement four years ago, when in the closing stages of his race against Hillary Clinton he said he would not commit to honouring the election results if the Democrat won. 

In a recent interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace broadcast on Sunday, Trump said it was too early to make such an ironclad guarantee, echoing a similar threat he made weeks before the 2016 vote and scoffing at recent polls that show him lagging behind presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden

Meanwhile according to CNN online poll of polls released on Monday, former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by a significant 12-point margin nationally,

Biden garners 52% support among registered voters, with 40% supporting Trump.

Across the spectrum of issues, Americans disagreed - on the size of government and the role of the courts. Not only did they disagree, but they disagree vehemently; with partisans on each side of the divide unstrained in the vitriol they hurled at opponents

They think of faith as a source of comfort and understanding but find their expression of faith sowing division; they believe themselves to be a tolerant people even as racial, religious, and cultural tensions roil the landscape. And instead of resolving these tensions or mediating these conflicts, their politics fans them, exploit them, and eventually drives them further apart.

Those in government can acknowledge this gap between the politics been practice presently and the politics they require. Certainly the Democrats aren't happy with the current situation, since at the moment they are on the losing side, dominated by the Republicans who, thanks to winner-take-all elections, control every branch of government and feel no need to compromise.

Thoughtful, the Republicans shouldn't be too sanguine, though, for if the Democrats have had trouble winning, it appears that the Republicans-having won election on the basis of pledges that often defy reality (tax cuts without service cuts, privatization of social security with no change in benefits, war without sacrifice)-cannot govern.

The leadership tussle between the Democrats and the Republicans need complete overhaul in order to position the desired democracy into a government worthy of emulation globally.

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