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Jean Castex: the French divided after the appointment of the Prime Minister

The hashtag #CastexDemission is on top of Twitter trends, after the appointment, yesterday Friday July 03, 2020, of the new Prime Minister Jean Castex .

 “For his first speech we ask him to introduce himself in 2 words. He uses 150 to twist secularism and show a barely hidden Islamophobia. He spoke of authority with fervor, a nod to the GJs.

The political will of E Macron is 1 cynicism " let see a surfer on the network of the blue bird. Another seemed to make fun of the presentation of the new tenant of Matignon on a French television channel.

Some have protested against this hashtag

"To describe himself, Jean Castex started by listing his values ​​with ..." he wrote. Other Internet users have taken this trend with humor, which evokes the resignation of Jean Castex , pointing out his rapid appearance, following the appointment of the latter. However, some users of the social network have protested against those who use this hashtag, since the formation of the new government is not yet known. “This #CastexDemission hastag demonstrates once again the caricature of oppositions. The government is not even yet composed that its leader is asked to resign. Incredibly ridiculous .. again .. " remarked a Twitter user.

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Note that after the handover of power, the new Prime Minister had given his first interview on TF1. Jean Castex had affirmed not to have accepted this nomination "to seek the light" , but to  "obtain results" in front of "the economic crisis which is announced" , after the pandemic of coronavirus.

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