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40 Pictures that will Convince You Buhari is a Handsome Man. See Pictures of when He was Young

Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder, I dare to say that some level of beauty is beyond what any beholder can deny. Some people are exceptionally good looking, so much that even if you dislike them, you would have to admit that they are beautiful or handsome as the case may be. The president of the federal republic of Nigeria is a perfect example of such people. No matter the offenses or grudge you may likely hold against him, it is clear for all to see, that he is a good looking man.

Buhari even at his age, still stands as an epitome of beauty, even in old age his good looks are undeniable. Many people do not know that Buhari has served this country in multiple capacity, asides his services to the nation by joining the Nigerian army, Buhari has occupied several major positions, both as a military man and as a civilian. He served as a two time petroleum minister, once as a military man and once as a civilian, he was the president of Nigeria as a military man and presently the Grand Commander of the Federal republic of Nigeria. He was also a two time governor of Borno state.

Buhari was born on the 17th of December 1942, he is married to Aisha Buhari and he has the ten children. He had several controversy surrounding his regime has a military leader, including the Umaru Dikko affair, Chadian military affair and the 53 suitcase saga. Buhari rose to the level of the Major General in the military before retiring.

Many of us feel that the APC Government led by president Buhari has failed we Nigerians, we hold some resentment against him for the way the country has become under his control. Some others feel he is ruling the country to the best of his capacity.

Below are 40 pictures that will convince you that Buhari is handsome, not withstanding if you like him or not. What’s your take on the tenure of President Muhammadu Buhari?

Content created and supplied by: T.Oluwafemi (via Opera News )

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