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Nigerians will not miss me when I leave office - Buhari

Niger Republic's president, Muhammadu Buhari, claimed Wednesday that the populace would stand with him even after he leaves office.

He further claimed that he had blocked the land borders on purpose to encourage Nigerians to buy locally produced items.

The President's announcement was met with criticism from the Pan-Yoruba socio-political organisation Afenifere and the Middle Belt Forum (MBF), both of which said that Nigerians would not miss him once he left office.

But Buhari, speaking off-the-cuff at the opening of the NCS's new corporate headquarters in Abuja, claimed he was saying what was on his mind, reiterating his earlier decision to be far away from Abuja by the time his term as president was through.

According to him, "based on personal and national issues, the neighbourhood is very important." This is why his first trips as president were to neighbouring countries like Niger, Chad, and Cameroon.


"If you can't win over your neighbours and get them to work with you, you're in problem, and your kids and grandkids are in trouble.

So, it's great that I've become friendly with my neighbours. Since I only have six days left, I thought I'd share a few thoughts about my own beliefs. I do my best to arrange my travels so that I am never in Abuja.

"Thank God, I'm not from around here where Abuja is. I have good relations with my neighbours, and the Niger people will defend me if I have to, I replied.

The president explained that he made the controversial decision to seal the country's land borders in an effort to get more people growing food for themselves.

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