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Revealed: True Reason Sowore Wears Cowries Around His Neck

Pro-democracy activist and Sahara Reporters publisher, Omoyele Sowore have been seeing publicly wearing African or native Insignia since 2014 he came to Nigeria to run for the President in the last general election in Nigeria.

The activist fame rose as student leader at the University of Lagos, Nigeria for activism related matters affairs.

The Activist personal company, Sahara Reporters is a widely known digital new paper both in Nigeria, Africa and the entire world.

Sahara is a sub region in the African continent. He therefore in his true sense named his company after an African sub region.

However, Sowore use of Cowries around his neck is a gesture that define dire love for Africa. The activist might pick from popular Abraham Lincoln saying, "I've been driven to my kneels many times, and I'm convinced I've no where else to go".

Sowore necked use cowries is not for mystique purpose but a dire love for Africa.

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