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Edo: The Game Is All Over For Obaseki As Regards To The Forthcoming Edo 2020 Election (OPINION)

Edo: The Game Is All Over For Godwin Obaseki As Regards To The Forthcoming Edo 2020 Election (Opinion)

It is no news that Adams oshiomole has entered Benin to campaingn for the Candidate of the APC in person of pastor Ize-iyamu.

Note: This article is not a campaingn or an advertisement. It is a pure reasoning and my personal opinion. 

When oshiomole arrived Benin, he was welcomed by hundreds of persons who are believed to be supporters of the APC. Even though we have been hearing that hundreds and thousands of people and members of APC are leaving the PDP for APC, we have not seen them with our eyes.

There are no physical evidence that shows that the APC supporters have decamped to the PDP. in a latest development, when oshiomole arrived Benin, we saw pictures and videos of hundreds of people singing praises of oshiomole and changing words of encouragement. All these people are believed to be in support of oshiomole, therefore, we can say they are members of the APC as well.

This shows that the APC has a very large support base than the PDP, while the PDP made the number of their followers and members on statistical evidence, the APC has provided us with Physical Evidence which shows that there are indeed many people in support of the APC 

In the last 48 hours, the actions and inactions of the APC has shown that the party would come out victorious in the September polls. This is a plain truth, you should also think about it.

While suspected members of the PDP are busy removing billboards, posters and flags of the APC, the APC and it's members are going from house to house to campaingn for Ize-iyamu and get more support for Ize-iyamu ahead of the election.

This is a Practical move and the APC is doing what needs to be done to get the peoples vote. Without being biased, it is evidently clear that the PDP has devices many ways to tarnish the image of the APC which is the video of Ganduje that was being played in Edo state and also the video of oshiomole. However, the APC has embarked on a very healthy campaingn strategy to get what they desire. This is the only way to win Election.

The APC have shown that they still have the people support, whereas, the PDP are only showing us figures of alleged members of the APC that decamped to their party.

Share this to other groups for people to see and know why APC is doing better in regard to winning the forthcoming election in Edo state.

Content created and supplied by: AtrociousWriter (via Opera News )

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