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See What Happens When The US President Visits A City Far Away From Washington D.C.

When the US president travels far from D.C, This arrangement are made and part of his convoys are flown in and parts are assembled from local vehicles that are rentals. The Limos, Secret Service Respose Vehicles and the Communications Vehicle are all flown in to a location like Minneapolis.

For closer distances the same core group of vehicles are driven to the location.

Places that are visited a lot will have a semi permanent set of vehicles assigned to it on a continuous basis. There will be a set at Mara Lago at least all winter long during the period the President goes there. There will also be a set in Bedminster during the Summer season. Traditionally a set were kept in New York City as it is often visited by Presidents or Vice Presidents. There was a set kept in LA as well, but they are probably not there during this administration as he almost never goes to California.

A good deal of planning is involved in Presidential visits and almost all are known about for many weeks and months ahead of time. If there is an event this week in a city and another event coming within a few hundred miles in the next two or three weeks then the vehicles will be left at the closest USSS Field Office with access to an appropriate storage facility, or one will be rented.

Although it is expensive to fly these aircraft in and out by the Air Force the, costs come out of mandatory training budgets that would have had to be flown anyway. So it isn't additional costs on what would have been spent. They just kill two birds with the same dollar.

Then the Air Force bills the Department of Homeland Security for the cost of the flights, although it is all taxpayer money. (On overseas trips even the helicopters are folded up and flown in. Much like this photo of the large Chinook helicopter)

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