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Babajide Reacts to the Corruption Allegations against Ngige and NSITF Board Suspension Crisis

Babajide Kolade otitoju reacted to the corruption allegations against another Minister of the federal republic of Nigeria. Dr Chris Ngige was alleged to have padded the NSITF budget, he was said to have added #1.2billion, and 5 SUV’s vechicles to the budget presented to him.

While speaking on a weekly edition of the popular program “Journalists Hangout“ on TVC news, he said we cannot continue to have controversies every time against the Nigeria Ministers, why will a Minister sacked the board of National social insurance trust fund when you don’t have the capacity to do so.

Infact some people said are we not missing the absence of Late Abba kyari, yes I think we do miss him, because things didn’t get these worst when he was alive. Imagine a Minister abusing the power of his office by sacking the board, when you are only suppose to recommend their suspension or sack to the SGF Boss Mustapha, because according to the law you cannot sack or suspend anybody.

The House of Representatives memberJames Faleke, who looked into matter and dig out some informations about you, you are threatening to sue him to court, not remembering you can’t sue him, because he is guided by the law to investigate you. Possibly because he is a medical doctor, because as a lawyer you know you can’t sue a member of the house for investigating your ministry.

Faleke accused you of padding the NSITF budget with #1.2billion and 5suv’s vehicle after the budget was presented to you, you padded it successfully, and when the board of NSITF tried to question on why you padded the budget, you sack them and set up probe panel to investigate them.

The minister cannot to act like God with small “g”, because it will amount to abuse of power and impunity, we can keep treating each other like these all in the name that the President won’t react to it very quickly.

Dr Ngige should follow due process in sacking the board by recommending them to SGF because it is only the SGF that have the power to do so. I urge Mr President to react very quickly because the main theme of his administration is war against corruption.

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