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See the world's most dangerous fighter aircraft only two countries can afford

Many countries of the world have such dangerous weapons, which can annihilate enemies in a moment. Even the biggest countries are surprised by knowing the speciality of it.

 F-15 fighter plane

 It is a US-made fighter aircraft. For the first time, it has been used by Israel in a war. Israel is the first country in the world after America. Who bought this one-seater fighter aircraft. Israel has named it 'Adir'. Which means powerful. Israel has about 50 such combat aircraft.

Features of F-15 Fighter Plane

 This landlocked aircraft is built with modern technology. Its biggest feature is that it has the ability to not fall into the radar of its enemies. Due to lack of radar, it can destroy its enemies in a moment. Let us tell you that there are special sensors on it. With the help of this sensor, he sends the entire coil of enemies to his military commanders at the earliest. The aircraft also has the capability to jam the radar.


It is considered to be the most expensive fighter aircraft in the world. Which is worth close to $ 100 million. Hearing of its value, it was also criticized by the current President of America, Donald Trump.

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