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PDP And LP React As INEC Chairman Says Officials Responsible For The Infractions Would Be Punished

Mahmood Yakubu, the chairman of Nigeria's National Electoral Commission (INEC), has been asked to resign by both the People's Democratic Party (PDP) and the Labour Party. Yakubu has been at the center of several controversies in recent months, including allegations of electoral fraud and criticism from opposition parties.

Both candidates held a joint press conference on Tuesday in Abuja to announce that they are requesting that the Nigerian election commission retract the results of the presidential election. They say that the results were not accurate, and that they are confident that a new election will be held soon.

However, the INEC rejected the calls for Yakubu to resign, stating that he would not step down and that dissatisfied parties should follow the electoral regulations.

According to PREMIUM TIMES, PDP and LP representatives left the national collation center in Abuja on Monday after the INEC chairman insisted that the process would go on even though the commission has not yet uploaded the results of all polling units to the INEC web site, IReV. The representatives said that they were leaving because the chairman was refusing to allow them to participate in the final stage of the process, which involves uploading the results of all polling units to the INEC web site.

On Tuesday, the PDP and LP requested that the electoral commission halt the results tally and declare the elections null and void. They cited irregularities, including reports of voting irregularities and vote-buying.

The commission charged with corruption demanded that Mr. Yakubu vacate his post as head of the electoral umpire, so that someone else could oversee the polls.

Mr Oyekanmi said that there are procedures for addressing grievances, and that asking the chairman to step down is not one of them.

In a short statement, he said that the call for the INEC Chairman's resignation was misplaced.

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