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2023 presidency: What Tinubu should learn from El-rufai.

It is no longer news that the national leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC , Ahmed Bola Tinubu is on a medical tour overseas. Many high ranking politicians have been going to visit him, including the president himself.


These visits are not disconnected with the fact that he is the national leader of the APC, and thus grand in the scheme of things. There is however, another possible reason.


If you have been following the politics of Nigeria lately, you would have gotten the idea that come 2023, Tinubu may likely contest the presidential election.

Tinubu has established himself as a politician to be reckoned with, having ruled Lagos State from 1999-2007. He has a retinue of loyalists, who obey every instruction he drops. He is rumoured to single-handedly determine who rules Lagos, and as for the APC, he can not be ignored.

Bola Tinubu (

They say, do not stay long in a thing else you may ruin it. A good dancer knows when to exit the stage, probably with the ovation high. He has has a good run in Nigerian politics and being 69 years old, with health concerns, perhaps this is the time?.

Governor El-rufai of Kaduna state is a very smart man, hate him or love him. He once answered an interviewer somewhere around June in Kaduna about his presidential ambition. El-rufai assured the interviewer and by extension all Nigerians that he has no such plans. He clearly stated that leading Nigeria requires serious mental work and commitment, it is too much for him, a 62yr old man. At 62, he is clearly younger than Tinubu, yet he realizes the implications of the position. Tinubu is 69 and already having health concerns, perhaps, he should learn from El-rufai.

Gov. El-rufai of Kaduna (

He (Tinubu) is a kingmaker per excellence, perhaps he should stick to that. He needs to find a younger and healthier individual, capable of moving Nigeria forward and endorse.

The current president is way older, and it is taking a toll on him, Nigeria can not keep floating aging candidates. They should learn from El-rufai and take advisory roles. Nigeria can not afford to see her president go for medical tour every now and then.

Tinubu definitely will have good plans for Nigeria, but it must not be him. They are more valuable as advisers now, because just like El-rufai said, that job is too much for a sixty-something year old.

Agree or disagree?

Stay safe, ECfranklin cares.

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