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Buhari's Supporters Parade In New York: The President May Have Won The Hearts Of Nigerians Abroad

Photo showing Nigerians protesting Abroad

Over the years, Nigerians living in the United States and all over the world have shown great concern about the situation in the country. Several times, it has been reported by the media that Nigerian- Americans took to the street to protest against insecurity and other problems that Nigeria is currently facing.

At some point, they were not happy with the fact that Buhari was leaving Nigeria to go abroad for medical treatment, instead of building better medical facilities here in the country.

But are those Nigerians still angry with the president? Are the now impressed with the current administration?

Recently, it was reported that some Buhari supporters abroad, took to the streets to 'sing the praises' of the president.

Photo showing the President leaving Nigeria for New York (Credit to Vanguard)

It was previously announced that President Buhari left the country for New York on Sunday; 19 September, to attend the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

According to PM News Nigeria, the group assembled, demonstrating in support of Buhari. They gathered near the Nigerian House on 42nd Street, 2nd Avenue, which seems to be the exact spot another Nigerian group protested against the president on Monday.

Photo showing Nigerians demonstrating in support of the President (Photo credit to PM News)

The group was seen with plastic cards carrying different messages.

Some Nigerians believe that these supporters are just a faction of people that were hired to cheer the president and frustrate the effort of those that protested, but it is false.

Photo credit to PM News

We must understand that this is democracy, there will always be devotees and opposers of the administration, but in the end, the majority carried the vote.

This is clear evidence, that even if some people are against the President, and speaking against him, some others are seeing and appreciating the good works he has done and is still doing.

Buhari may not have won the heart of every Nigerian abroad, but definitely, some are standing by his side.

Source: PM News Nigeria

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