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Isiguzo, has described Wike's invitation to Tinubu to visit the state as, quote Political intrigues

Recently, the President of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, Christopher Isiguzo, made a statement regarding Governor Wike's invitation to Bola Tinubu to visit the state, describing it as "political intrigues". Isiguzo's statement raises a significant concern about the state of politics in Nigeria and highlights the need for transparency and accountability in the country's political system.

The invitation of Bola Tinubu, the former Governor of Lagos State and a prominent leader in Nigeria's ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC), to Rivers State by Governor Nyesom Wike has caused a stir in the political arena. While some have praised Governor Wike for his gesture of hospitality and diplomacy, others have questioned the motive behind the invitation.

Isiguzo's statement seems to align with the latter group, as he highlights the opportunity for lobbying that the invitation presents. Lobbying, or the act of trying to influence decisions made by government officials or politicians, is a common practice in politics worldwide. However, it can also be used to further personal interests and agendas, which can be detrimental to the public's welfare.

Isiguzo's concerns about political intrigues are not unfounded, as Nigeria has a long history of corrupt and self-serving politicians. The country's political landscape is often characterized by power struggles, patronage, and cronyism, which have led to a lack of development and progress. Therefore, it is crucial that the public holds its leaders accountable and demands transparency in their actions.

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