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"Nigerians Are Rich- See Pictures Of Maclaren That Was Spotted Today In Lagos (Photos)

Nigeria is really blessed with lot's of hard-working people. despite the hardship and poor people infrastructures in Nigeria, Nigerians still stands tall amongst many African countries. This evening when I was walking home from walk, I came across this expensive car and felt like snapping some shots would be great. When I saw the car I was amazed because I haven't seen a car like that in my entire life, I decided to approach the owner so that I can be able to identify the name of the car. The owner later told me that the name is Maclaren. I will be sharing pictures of the car below.

See Pictures of the expensive car that was spotted today in Lagos

There is money in Nigeria. This is a country where millions of people are unemployed and cannot eat at least one meal in a day. Although, Nigeria money is just meant for one or two people. If you dig in deep, you will find out that the own of this car is a politician. According to a verified source, the estimated cost of the Maclaren is ranging from $301,500.

For someone to be ridding this type of car in a country where millions are wretched, is it not stupidity?

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