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Adams Oshiomole: I am back and ready for this job, let's bring back the red roof like old times

Adams Oshiomole, the former National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and past governor of Edo State, has proclaimed that he is bent on returning Edo State to it's path of sustainable development.

Adams Oshiomole stated this while he addressed a crowd that came to welcome him back to Edo State from Abuja on Saturday night at his compound at Iyamho, near Auchi in Etsako West Local Government Area.

Oshimole has made it clear that he is back and ready for the job. The former APC chairman was greeted by a crowd that had waited for him to arrive at the Auchi polytechnic gate. He said this in reference to the governorship election coming up September 19 in the State.

Oshiomhole recalled that when he took up the position of the governor of the state, he had just left his seat as the head of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC).

He further said in an ironic statement that presently a snake had entered their family home and that God has driven the snake to where he belongs.

He continued saying he had come home to join the people to begin the process of reclaiming the house back to the APC family, stating that if God is in the affirmative as well as the people, there is no man born of a woman that can say otherwise.

Furthermore, he said he has only one mission and that is to bring Edo State back to the path of sustainable development.

He further stated that they will bring back the era of red roof, and good roads with good drainage, to bring back the days when youths we're engaged and mixed up with the elders.

He also said they want to return to the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

The former Governor promised all his supporters and well wishers.

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