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The menace of Nigeria's judicial system and correctional facility


By Ayeni Joshua Oluwatosin 

It's now news to us that Nigeria was ranked amongst the top most countries of the world just about a year ago. And this acrued due to accumulation of lawlessness from those who should have the protectors of justice itself. 

At a point in this nation, the highest ranked judicial officer was let out of his office by an executive arm of government. If what he was claimed to have done was true, then what does that say about our country as a whole? And if he what he was accused of wasn't true, then what does that say about the abuse of power? These and many more are thoughts that kept me in thought about the nation Nigeria. 

About the system the judiciary arm of government use in this nation, it is obvious that things have gone wrong. The same country where we know that it has been enacted in the law that you have no right to hold someone for more than 24 hours without any tangible evidence, is the same country where more than tens of thousands of men and women and young chaps alike have been kept in prison without judgement; they are said to still be awaiting trial. And some have been there for years, while some have even died in the process. 

This menance us an eyesore to the judicial system of our dear nation. Is Nigeria even dear to our leaders? Or is it just a game to those in power? 

The recruitment process of those who should enforce the law is laughable. In counties with lower cases of death caused by their law enforcement agencies, you will notice the recruitment process is different and has a higher requirement for entry. Why can't we emulate this? 

I bleed in my heart and my pen has decided to bleed with this. 

I hope Nigeria as a nation rises to to the understanding of the way it's masses are suffering and innocent people are held captive and deprived of their freedom and human rights. 

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Ayeni Joshua Oluwatosin Nigeria


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