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Harold Holt: Australian Prime Minister That Disappeared Without A Trace

Harold Holt became prime minister of Australia in January 1966. He was known for his love of politics at age of 27. He entered parliament and became a youngest minister at age 30. He refused security guards around him, seeing them as unnecessary to his work as a politician.

Yet, after encountering several threats and dangers around him, also witnessing how victimized other politicians could be by murder and casualties, he accepted a single body guard to protect him during his office work, apart from home, which he saw as a disturbance to his privacy.

As a woman, Zara made it known that he was depriving of a body guard to hide himself from being exposed to his hidden extramarital affairs. Before his disappearance, he had several warnings from his workers encouraging him to have side security for his hobby as a politician, including his secretary, Tony Eggleton.

Holt Health

He was a man in good health. He had never known to have a problem or health issue, but had come across several accidents in November 1955, which involved the death of his personnel driver.

However, his family had a record of premature deaths. Holt had a passion for games, especially swimming and playing tennis.

His Disappearance

He had his breakfast, then made his usual telephone call to his wife, after which he drove to a local general store where he bought some snacks and a newspaper.

Later, when he made plans for his daily activities, he visited many of his friends, where they could have fun at Point Nepean, which was a barbecue lunch, and also love to watch their favorite solo.

It was really a hot time; they didn' t spend much time before leaving. While at the hotel, Holt decided to have a swim which would help chill his body at Cheviot beach at 12: 15 pm before he could have lunch at home.

Though it wasn' t his first time swimming on the Cheviot beach, he knew it a lot and every porthole on the beach could be located by him.

Holt didn' t spend much time before jumping into the water, as at that time, the beach was ranging with a large swell and a visible current and eddies. Holt didn' t mind, rather he continued with his decision.

With him at the beach was Stewart, the only swimmer that considered it protective and dangerous to swim at such a beach at the moment. However, Holt swam into the river but was dragged out to sea. After waiting a while, Holt could give a sign of being alive; none cried for help but slipped under the wave.

According Wikipedia, " Harold Holt, disappeared while swimming in the sea near Portsea, Victoria, on 17 December 1967,

Just some hours after his disappearance, a rumour reached the median which was announced at 1: 45 pm to the hearing of his wife.

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