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How does this man become the Problem of Northern Nigeria?

How does this man become the problem in the North, how please?

I want to know because we are all Nigerians

The man only governed Lagos. He dislodged PDP in that state completely. Look at Lagos today, the state is now a Mini Country of it own. Was that his crime? No.

He didn't stop there, he makes sure he dislodges PDP in his region, the Southwest, and he did so excellently. 

What was the result of his political strides towards his region? That should be the question.

Economically, industrially, academically and politically, no region will outshine the Southwest, because Tinubu built on the legacies of his forefathers. Is that a crime? No.

How does that affect the North? I ask again.

Is it Tinubu's fault because our leaders failed to built on the legacies of Sir Ahmadu Bello and Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa? No, then why the hatred? 

Imagine the North have version of Tinubu in the NW, NE and NC respectively. Just imagine the unlimited progress they would have achieved. 

You can call him all sort of names, but you can't deny the fact he is the kind of political leader we all prayed to have in our regions. 

A time will surely come when Abiola-Tofa scenario will happen again Insha Allah. History will repeat itself. Save this article and remind me, if i happens be no more, remember me with it.

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