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Opinion: How to stop corruption

Corruption is the process by which a word or expression is changed from its original State to one regarded as erroneous or debased. From the above definition bee can see how harmful Corruption have affect our country. In Nigeria it is common for wealthy people to pay police men to intimidate their employees as they see fit. The country are always looted by the political elite, at the expense of the general society. 

 In a 2009 report by Transparency International (TI), it was estimated that the amount of $40 billion is paid in bribes by multinational corporations to Nigerian politicians for their operations within the country.

It is common to find publicly advertised “special exam centers”, where people can come and pay a fee for guaranteed success in state sponsored terminal exams in Nigeria.So how then can we end something that has become so common to the extent that doing the right thing becomes the exception. 

First, we must understand the power we have as the people of Nigeria.

Second, we need to understand our social and cultural values and standards as Nigerians, when we make policies and implement the policies.

Once these two points are understood then we can go ahead to formulate policies and institutions that would eradicate corruption in the society. I propose the following:

1. We could develop an Anti-corruption bill

2. Restructuring the police forces in Nigeria

3. Building a strong constitutional law about it penalty. 

With the little above I mention. We can change the story of corruption in Nigeria. Corruption will no longer exist. 

Content created and supplied by: Ummuruqayyah003 (via Opera News )

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