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It's Bukola Saraki Day! Behold some of his Great Legacies as Governor of Kwara State

*Its our leader , DR ABUBAKAR BUKOLA SARAKI'S DAY* even if the celebration will be on low key in honor of the departed souls who meant so much to us as a state , this moment will reminds us of so many impacts SARAKI leadership had made in Kwara state and the whole country .

Imagine a kwara without Saraki,it means we won't be having institutions like Kwara state University, Post office flyover , Ilorin,(first in North central Nigeria) Dulaised Road from challenge through A-division to Offa Garage to Olunlade .

If not for Saraki , we would not have had Asa Dam dualised lane and the overhead Bridge which linked Asa dam to Offa garage , what of the road that liberated Judges Quarters in Tanke F-division ,was it not Saraki who constructed that road?

Saraki as Governor Rehabilitated Cottage Hospital, Kwara State General Hospital, initiated several health policies that put maternal deaths at a halt in kwara , rehabilitated Sobi Specialist Hospital and Built Harmony Advanced Diagnosis Centre , a world class diagnostic centre equipped with world class modern equipments .

Kwara Harmony Advanced Diagnostic Centres , Ilorin .

Who would have thought to give us befitting Metropolitan Square in Asa Dam road if not Saraki ? Saraki rehabilitated Ilorin International Airport and built a Cargo Terminal in that Airport , it was Saraki that brought that Airport to life again after years of moribund , even those Otoge leaders who now fly to and from Ilorin Int'l Airport without knowing he who made it functional again need to appreciate Saraki for making life easier for them

Saraki gave Kwara State a world class Agricultural holding , Shonga Farm Holding , in Shonga community of Kwara north , today , its an investment hub that has employed thousands of youths and attracted foreign investors from different countries to kwara . Today , one of the outlets in Shonga farm is the producer of Valentine's Chicken , no wonder Emefiele , CBN governor injected billions of naira into the farms when he visited it few years back

Saraki, Ahmed , Emefiele tour to Shonga farm

Saraki Built Mandate Estate , a low-cost housing estate for Kwara civil servant , low income earners etc

And what of Ganmo Power substation which connected more than 500 villages to National Grid , Kwara under Saraki was the first state to execute NIPP , National Integrated Power Projects a project which made kwara state one of the most stable electricity state in Nigeria .

Saraki also built an Oxygen plant which service Kwara state and the neighboring states like Kogi , Niger , an oxygen plant that the government of today in Kwara is bragging about to have repainted is a Saraki project commissioned in 2004

Pictures never lie , Saraki Commissioned Oxygen Plant in 2004

What of rehabilitation of State General Hospital, rehabilitation of State Library. Construction of Kwara State Secretariat PhaseIII, Rehabilitation of Kwara State House of Assembly complex 

Even Budo-Eso & Irewolede Housings estate are all Saraki achievements. Saraki introduced KWARTMA, he rehabilitated Asa Dam Water Treatment Plant

Post office flyover, ilorin constructed by Saraki

How can we talk of Kwara State Sport stadium without mentioning Saraki name ? The stadium was a dilapidated structure when Saraki came in 2003, it was Saraki who changed the fortune , remodeled the stadium to an international grade . The new stadium was what Hosted Jose Mourhino in that year in kwara .

Saraki did not stop at rehabilitation of stadium, he also initiated and established what is today known as Kwara Football academy, the only football training institution in the country as at that time . Kwara Football Academy has trained and graduated many football legends who are today doing well across the world

What of Aviation College in Ilorin? Saraki ideas and wisdom brought Intl Aviation College , Ilorin , this institution has trained and graduated international pilots such as Rt Hon Razaq Atunwa , Miracle of BBN and lots of others . is this not a glory of Kwara ?

Saraki also increased Civil servant's Salaries from 6k to about 8k even when minimum wages had not become an issues of public discussion.

The community Health insurance scheme that Saraki launched to target extremely poor people living in rural areas has now metamorphosed to what is known as Kwara Health insurance, let those who want to take fake glory read history for them to know where all these things started

In order to ensure peace and safety of the state , Saraki tamed Cultism, robbery , burglary and other violent behaviour among youths , students etc , it was a strategic approach used by Saraki to end reign of terror in the state . the peace we are enjoying today has saraki input .

Saraki, Architect of Mordern KWARA

Even at the tail end of his government, Saraki mobilised his friends from Private sector to Ilorin to contribute fund for the total rehabilitation of what today is Ilorin Central Mosque located at Emir Palace , the edifice is one of the best in Africa and number one in Nigeria till date

If we are to continue listing what Saraki did within the space of 8years as Governor of Kwara state , WD can't exhaust them. Without noise or propaganda, Saraki transformed a very remote state to one of the most sought after megacities that now attract people from around the world who came to settle down particularly in the capital city, Ilorin.

Is it now too much if the present Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq declares today as a public holiday to celebrate a man who set the pace and made governance easy ride for all those who succeeded him ? Obviously, Saraki is the Architect of Modern Day Kwara

One million propaganda cannot erase history , there is no sector in Kwara today that you will not see Saraki handwriting

If you want to be celebrated like Saraki, you will have to work hard like Saraki, it will not be by use of force or demolition of ile Arugbo , it is simply by showing capacity and the will to lead , it is by showing purposeful leadership and commitment to welfare of the commoners which Saraki dynasty symbolises

KWASU, one of Sarakis legacies

Happy Birthday to my leader whose Reaches no one has beaten , the most adored President of Nigerian Senate who fought to the last to protect the sanctity and dignity of the national assembly .

The Waziri Ngeri of Iloron like President of Many nations

God bless all those who celebrate Saraki with me today and always ✅

*I'm Sholyment Olusegun Olusola, Wallahi Saraki is my leader !*


Content created and supplied by: Sholyments (via Opera News )

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