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Democracy Or Military Rule? -: it Will be useful for you in WAEC or Jamb.

Hi Dears Today I will be teaching you about Democracy or military Rule.A government is responsible for making and uploading laws . A government must also provide for and protect the citizens of the country. There are different types of government.

In a democratic system of government the citizens of the country are able to choose thier leaders. An election takes place regularly- usually every four years or five years. Different political party nominate candidates.

Adult vote for the candidates of the political party they support. The political party that has the most votes is the elected government.

Under a system of military rule, the senior members of the army decide who will be the leader. Ordinary citizens have no choice about who will lead the country. People cannot choose or change the government.

In a democracy the government has to obey or follow the constitution. The constitution is the highest law of the land. Under military rule there is no constitution. The military make up the laws of the country. They can make up laws that give them alot of power and little responsibility.

In a democracy the constitution protect human rights. For example, under the human rights section of the constitution, all people can expect be treated fairly by the police and justice system. However, under military rule, human rights are not always protected by the government. The military rulers can treat people anyway they want.

Democracy can be time consuming and expensive. Elections are expensive to run. politicians earn Salaries for making decisions. Under military rule decisions are taking quickly, and no money is needed for election.

If a democratic government does not provide for it's citizens, then these this citizens are unlikely to vote the government into power again the following election. Under military rule the leaders have absolutely power. They might be corrupt or not provide for thier citizens, but it is very difficult to remove them from power.

For the reason, the writer thinks that democracy is a better system of government than a military rule.(Note -: save or screen shot this , it will be useful for you in Exams)

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