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I'm Best Prepared to Take Lagos to Next Level-Sanwo-Olu Pleads to Lagosians

The governor of Lagos state, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has appealed with Lagosians to vote for him because he is the finest choice for a brighter future for all citizens, regardless of tribe, dialect, or allegiance.

The governor said that Saturday's election was "a choice about the communal destiny "we share as a people" in a broadcast to commemorate the conclusion of the campaign yesterday.

Whoever can best protect our state, our future, and our upward trajectory for sustained economic development will be chosen, he concluded.

He remembered periods of difficulty while also recalling what he termed the "finest season" of growth in the state since he became governor in 2019.

"We are on the verge of entering one of the most glorious periods of our history as a people. We have made big, bold moves since May 2019 to create world-class infrastructure and enhance the quality of your life as Lagosians.

"While we have made excellent progress, there is still more work to be done, and we are more than capable of doing it. We shall overcome all the obstacles that face us individually and collectively. Our hope is that the difficulties we experience will bring us together and motivate us to develop creative solutions that will improve the world for all of us, not that it will be free of difficulties, since that would be impractical, he said.

Since the state had overcome the Covid-19 epidemic, he emphasized that "we will prevail as an unified and determined Lagos over whatever else we are confronted with. The unpleasant effects of a recent currency reform exercise have been the most recent issue we have had to cope with. I understand your suffering as your chosen governor, and I applaud your patience during this very trying period.

There is now hope at the end of the tunnel after we informed the relevant authorities of our stance and the Supreme Court of Nigeria's involvement in the situation.

Sanwo-Olu cautioned the populace that "decisions regarding destiny and direction are never to be made in anger, nor must they be borne out of emotions," as he encouraged them to carry out their civic responsibilities the next day. These must be made after giving thorough thought to the facts and the truths, free from feeling and emotion.

It's not about me, Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, my deputy, Dr. Kadri Obafemi Hamzat, or our party in the choice we're about to make. That is a choice about our common destiny as a people. Whoever can best protect our State, our future, and our upward trajectory for sustained economic growth and development will ultimately be chosen.

Whoever is most qualified to construct the 4th Mainland Bridge, open the Lagos-Badagry corridor and the Lekki Free Zone, and foster an environment where Foreign Direct Investment continues to view Lagos as a destination of choice for investment and prosperity will be chosen, according to the decision. It involves questioning who we should put in charge of completing the Red Line, expanding the BRT and ferry systems, and completing the Blue Line's Second Phase from Mile 2 to Okokomaiko.

Who can we rely on to build the Lekki Regional Road, which would alleviate congestion on the Lekki-Epe Expressway by connecting Lekki Phase 1 to VGC? Who is more qualified to finish the 500-bed Mental and Rehabilitation Center in Ketu-Ejirin or the 7-storey Massey Street Children's Hospital, which, when finished, would be the biggest pediatric hospital in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Whose care will we entrust with the management of the fifth biggest economy in Africa, the fates of 22 million brave humans, and our own lives? Even if you disagree with what we say, as I often point out, you cannot disagree with what we have done and are doing.

"You are aware of my deputy and I; we have worked tirelessly for Lagos State and Lagosians for many years together. We distinguish out from the competition because we have a proven track record of service and because we are the ones who know this area the best.

Although emphasizing that "no election win is worth the blood of any Lagosian, regardless of religion, ethnic origins, or political allegiance," Sanwo-Olu urged the populace to abstain from violence. Not only do I want to win this election, but I also want to bring peace and unity to our beloved State.

"The Lagos we are creating, with your help, is a Lagos that embraces Everybody and offers many possibilities for everyone to flourish. I kindly beg for your forgiveness if we upset anybody while making difficult choices to maintain law and order in our State. We do not profess to be flawless or faultless.

"I beg your pardon for those who have been harmed by racial profiling by your fellow citizens throughout this campaign. There is no future without forgiveness, as the late Nelson Mandela famously said. The need to reconcile and move beyond the divisive language that has characterized this election cycle is probably the most important lesson to be learned from this whole race.

The governor said that the distinctions amongst Lagosians are of much less significance than what unifies them as Lagosians.

I'd want to urge everyone to use their constitutionally guaranteed right to vote on Saturday. By doing this, let's set the standard for what successful elections should include. I really hope and pray that you will give me and my deputy, Dr. Kadri Obafemi Hamzat, another term so we may finish the fantastic job we began. I promise that we will keep serving with empathy, that we will keep hearing your opinions and worries, and that we will keep working to make Lagos a melting pot of many hopes and goals.

"We have accomplished a lot, but there is still a lot we can achieve in the years to come. We are sure you will give us another term, and we will ensure that every noble endeavor is carried out to triumphant success.

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