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Buhari does not tolerate indiscipline, here is what he has done again

Many people have deemed the Nigerian president as a man who has failed to actualized happiness for Nigerians. In fact, people now see him as a villian.

personally, I feel Nigeria deserves better considering the vast amount of resources God has blessed the country with. But one critical value of President Buhari is his discipline, he will not tolerate any indiscipline from his cabinet, government officials and Nigerian citizens.

That is why he made sure that the Twitter influencer who made a terrible joke about former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan's wife was arrested and detained. These are highly respected people that we suddenly have started losing respect for . Despite the fact that Goodluck Jonathan used to be President Buhari's once-upon-a-time opponent, he did not let that stop him from getting the imposter and wife insulter arrested.

The Twitter influencer who insulted Goodluck Jonathan's wife was operating a parody account of Goodluck ebele Jonathan, with his name given as "Jayythedope" on twitter. He made a funny remark about the ex-president's wife and he has been arrested ever since.

While Buhari may not be satisfying everybody, he's surely working and one of the things he is putting in check is indiscipline in Nigeria, even if it is targeted towards his enemies. Buhari has been known for combating indiscipline for many years now, right from the days he was a military man and leader.

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