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RAP Should Never Be Looked Upon As Trouble Shooters. Here's Why(Opinion)

One may assume the Reform And Advancement Party to be trouble shooters being that they are revisiting a closed case.

On the contrary,that is not the so because they neither seek relevance or shoot trouble, but their petitions stand to reason.

After the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Gov.Uzodinma,it seemed as though Ihedioha had lost out completely. Well,thanks to RAP, history may just be rewritten .

It takes audaciousness to see wrong being done,damn the consequences and stand with the truth. Now that is the role RAP has decided to play and they truly deserve accolades.

The Reform And Advancement Party and Mr Kingdom are those responsible for the law suits that have been slammed at Governor Uzodinma. This was because they were thoroughly dissatisfied with the Supreme Courts ruling and they levied their petitions on these stands:

1)Uzodinma was never a candidate for the party that he represented (APC).

2)Uche Nwosu was the actual candidate to have represented APC, but he was disqualified on the severe basis of dual candidacy.

3)How then is it obtainable that Uzodinma who was not the initial candidate to represent APC,comes out as the winner of the election.

4)Ihedioha on the other hand,was duly elected and voted in as the winner of the Imostate gubernatorial elections.On that note,he was wrongfully impeached and should be reinstated.

5)The certificate of withdrawal be issued to Uzodinma because he illegally seats as the Governor of Imostate.

These petitions levied against Uzodinma stand to reason, but the final judgement is in the hands of God. On that note,we would just keep praying and hoping earnestly that this wonderful God,who is pure and just in his ways will stand in for us.

Now this same God can plead your case whether you have a lawyer or not. All he needs is your trust and total surrender and you can begin by saying this prayer with me.

Lord Jesus,come into my life.

I ask that you take away everything

That makes me fall easily

I want to live for you.

Oh Lord, may your spirit

Reside in my heart today

And take total control of my life

Now and forever more Amen.

If you said this prayer,I want you to know that angels are already rejoicing on your behalf and you're loved by God.💞😇

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