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Algeria Takes The Lead In The List Of The Most Corrupt Countries In Africa

Ghana Takes The Lead In The List Of Top 10 Most Corrupt African Countries

The corruption index of the world seems to be quite different from Africa and so countries that take the lead on the list of the world may not be found on the top ten on the list of corrupt countries in Africa. As you know, the most popular report in corruption is that of Transparency International (TI) and in its recent publication on corruption in Africa, it released its reports, ranking the countries in africa according to the perceived corruption within each of these countries. 

According to the anti-corruption non-governmental organization, the list ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of intense public sector corruption. This assessment is from the lenses of experts and business people. 

The corruption perception index CPI for this year has been released earlier but I felt the need to bring back after the reaction I got from a previous post. However, the index shows that when it comes to corruption in Africa, most countries are making little to no effort to tackling the menace. According to their definitions and assessments, corruption seems to be more rampant in countries like those that have high amount of money running into electoral campaigns and where governments only listen to the voices of wealthy or well-connected individuals. 

Transparency International also measures how countries punish officials who have been found guilty of corruption as well as how high are its overall corruption levels. This assessment drove them to the conclusion that corruption in Africa could be likened unto war. Since countries that war-torn, have compromised or "weak" courts and police, and lack an independent media. This assessments speaks volume especially that of independent media. 

Somalia took the lead in the corruption index as the most corrupt country in world. Countries like New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland rank as the least corrupt in the world. 

However when it comes to Africa, below is a list of the countries with the least corruption in Africa:

1. Seychelles | Global rank: 27th | African rank: 1st

2. Botswana | Global rank: 34th | African rank: 2nd

3.Cabo Verde | Global rank: 41st | African rank: 3rd

4.Rwanda | Global rank: 51st | African rank: 4th

5.Mauritius | Global rank: 56th | African rank: 5th

6.Namibia | Global rank: 56th | African rank: 6th

7.Sao Tome and Principe | Global rank: 64th | African rank: 7th

8. Senegal | Global rank: 66th | African rank: 8th

Ranking the Most corrupt down to the least:

Sn Country

1. Algeria

2. Angola

3. Benin

4. Botswana

5. Burkina Faso

6. Burundi

7. Cameroon

8.Cape Verde

9. Central African Republic

10. Chad

11. Comoros

12. Congo

13. Djibouti

14. Egypt

15. Equatorial Guinea

16. Eritrea

17. Ethiopia

18. Gabon

19. Gambia

20. Ghana

21. Guinea

22. Guinea Bissau

23. Ivory Coast

24. Kenya

25. Lesotho

26. Liberia

27. Libya

28. Madagascar

29. Malawi

30. Mali

31. Mauritania

32. Mauritius

33. Morocco

34. Mozambique

35. Namibia

36. Niger

37. Nigeria

38. Republic of the Congo


40. Sao Tome and Principe

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