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21 Years of Democracy in Nigeria, This is Enugu-Onitsha Express Way. (Pictures)

Enugu-Onitsha Express way is a very vital road to Igboland, it connects the commercial nerve centre of the East(Onitsha) to the capital of Igboland(Enugu).

But most part of the road is in ruins, each government that comes plays politics as usual with the road like every other major project in Igboland.

But after 21 years in Democracy, most part of the road is not motorable as motorists groan in pains and anguish travelling on that road.

The report by Vanguard on August 18th, 2018 said "For years, driving on the Enugu-Onitsha expressway had been a bitter experience. It is one road which politicians use during every election year to woo voters"

Yes, thats the truth, projects in the East are always used for election campaigns and after the elections they are summarily relegated to the trash bin till another election.

The pictures below is the current condition of the Igwuoba section of the Enugu-Onitsha Express way. And its just an eyesore to say the least.

Igbo law makers in the National Assembly dont really care because they are very relaxed while their homeland lies in ruins.

What stops them from sponsoring a bill that will compel the federal government to fix the entire stretch of the highway? Instead of the system of selecting some sections to rehabilitate and take pictures for political self aggrandizement.

These pictures taken by the government makes it look like the entire road is in excellent condition but the users of the road know better.

Though the road is one of the socalled Federal Roads, Governors of Enugu and Anambra states should collaborate and rehabilitate these roads and give the bill to the federal government and wait for the repayment.

We are cant continue waiting on the centre that has some many things on its hands but at the same will not decentralise power so that regions can manage themselves based on their capacity so that the country can develop faster.

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