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Is The Creation of More States The Solution To Biafran Agitations In the South-East?

Daily Post reported how Igbo Elders under the aegis of Ohaneze Ndigbo called on the Federal Government to consider the creation of additional states in the South-East to curb agitations for Biafra in the region. The elders also called on the FG to provide platforms for dialogue between the government and Igbo leaders, while also excluding Igbo politicians from the meeting, describing them as "part of the problems of the South-East."

Photo Credit: Daily Post.

Now, to put into perspective the request made by the elders, they are indirectly saying that the creation of additional states in the South-East (which currently has five states) would put an end to agitations in the region. Is this really a necessary move? While a dialogue is key to resolve agitations in the South-East, the creation of more states may not necessarily be a permanent solution to Biafran agitations in the region.

Why is the creation of additional states not the Solution to Biafran agitations in the South-East?

First, agitations in the South-East began as far back as the 1960s, even before the current states were created. While Imo was created in 1976, Abia and Anambra were created in 1991. This means that most of the Igbo States were created amidst agitations, yet the problem has not been solved. How then would the creation of new states by the Buhari administration solve the issue?

Photo Credit: Premium Times.

Also, there are many diverse groups in the South-East. Creation of new states would only TEMPORARILY calm nerves. It won't be long before more minority groups spring up and begin to demand for their own states. Is this how the FG would keep creating states just to pacify agitators?

These, are the reasons why the writer opines that the call by Igbo Elders for the FG to create new states would do little or nothing to end agitations for Biafra in the South-East. Share your thoughts and opinions below.

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