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Trump accused of not taking covid_19 seriously

The president of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump has been accused of not taking covid_19 seriously. This accusation was laid upon him by Andrew C. Laufer, a legal practitioner in New York.

Andrew made this accusation in a tweet comment when D. J. Trump in a tweet lamented that they catch Obama and Biden, with some others spying on his campaign.

Andrew disregarded Trump's lamentation and went ahead to question him concerning those Americans who have died of corona virus.

"No one was spying on your campaign bc no one wanted to be exposed to such toxic stupidity. Judicially approved warrants to surveil it is another story. Are you going to do anything about the over 142,000 dead Americans from covid_19? You are going to prison, traitor, " he tweets.

Going further, as a reply to a tweet that lamented about the elimination of workers in America as a result of covid_19, Andrew said;

"Untrue. Further, Trump is eliminating workers w death by failing to take covid_19 seriously. He wants to cut funding for vaccine research and contact tracing from the stimulus bill. Keep on shilling though. Looking forward to the upcoming campaign finance investigations.

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