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Redemptive Vote For Joe Agi (SAN); Why We Should Elect Him As Our Senator - Comr. (Hon) Ogar E. Oko

As we move close to the D-day of the senatorial by-election to be conducted to fill the vacuum left due to the demise of Dr.(Mrs.) Rose Okoji Oko, the then erudite and ebullient policymaker representing the good people of Northern Cross River senatorial district at the Red Chamber, I'm constrained by sense of love for my people and by the forces of happenings to speak to my people — most especially, the eligible electorates on why they should exercise their franchise rightly for the candidate of the APC.

Beloved, it's important and soundly recommended that we elect our leaders not based on ethnic or tribal sentiment; consanguineous relationship or 'na-weewee' mentality but on the workability of candidate's manifesto within the minimum of 4 years as the case may be stipulated. 

That said, of course you know how party affiliation has driven us into the ditch. The ideologies of mostly major political parties work only on paper as they're not being implemented; and as such, in our clime, party is more of extortionate conduit for easy ride to power with some stalwarts as 'tax collectors' as aptly described by Gov. Wike of Rivers State in the penultimate Edo State gubernatorial election.

It's no news that the major parties in the state have wisely selected or elected their candidates from Yala LGA where the demised senator comes from. The All Progressive Party (APC) has a revered and witty Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), in person of Chief Joe Agi as its candidate. On the other hand, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is sadly without any candidate yet due to litigations. Out there in town, we hear of "interim candidate", " generation- conquered candidate " and lastly "desperation candidate". Motion ex parte, super-injunction or mandamus are the legal jargons ravaging and ripping them to shreds.

As at the moment, one of its contentious candidates, Dr. Stephen Odey has flagged off his campaign with the usual kick and hit of campaign even when it's obvious that it's likened to the normal rise and fall of liquid in narrow capillary tube. While that faction is pumping the noon, the twin candidate produced from another parallel primaries, Rt. Hon. Jarigbe Agom, an incumbent policymaker representing Ogoja/Yala federal constituency at the Green Chamber flying the Team Authentic flag and widely known as Port Harcourt-boy in the said camp is set to inaugurate his campaign organization today.

APC suffered and couldn't survived this vicious virus during the last general elections in the state. PDP has contracted it. It's a political affliction. A political spell. It's my utmost humble desire that this affliction should cease from rising in this vicissitudinous electioneering capillary period. I wish them great fortitude. Peace. However, wishes at this time are injurious to those not prepared to sheathe swords. Nemesis of 2019 gubernatorial retributive justice playing out in 2020 senatorial by-election.

Friends, the facts aren't in contention that few Yala men of fortune erred politically. They did err because of many factors to be mentioned in subsequent pieces. However, one begging mentioning is casting of pearls before swines. This happens due to vested interest by few powermongers and greedy plunderers. We'd people winning elections in terrible and unimaginable circumstances even from the diaspora. They reposed power on the optically impaired and saw ourselves in the darkest pit. They did this to incapacitate the abled and prepared individuals from the Yala speaking. It's a conspiratorial stratagem. It began about two decades ago. The evil wile has failed by God's grace. Amen! Today, we're taking caution.

It's in the public domain how one of the factional "andidate"— don't bother about the " c" vilified Yala speaking people as "useless people" and how he was going to "show them pepper". He boasted and said unprintable and spiteful stuff just to troll Yala. Sadly today, he seeks to represent Yala. Though he's riding on the back of the governor. Yes, the governor! The governor is the spirit behind the mask. He's landscaping the political grounds for his 2023 senatorial pursuit. The governor is out there in full force using all his might and the powers of state to make the 2023 crooked way straight. He wants Dr. Stephen Odey to go as forerunner or harbinger. This assertion is at the front and center of political mapping. He can't debunk it because it'll certainly be used against him come 2023.

He's not as smart as his acolytes present him. If he's, his Achilles heel would've been covered and undetected. He lost his ground and the PDP is without a substantive candidate. To that end, the general public and mostly the good people of the north should know that the election is between APC's candidate and the others candidates except miracles happen.

This is the handiwork of divine providence. Since the advent of democracy in 1999, all senators representing us have been coming from PDP and we're at the extreme of underdevelopment in the state. Proponent of underdevelopment has no mission of rescuing his captives. Their only mission is to steal, destroy and kill the people through bad governance.

They can't promise redemption when they're not redeemed. Our people are suffering from redemption fatigue. They can't forgive them— that's why they'll either be voted out or they won't have a candidate. Redemption is the mission of the sons of the Light and one of those sons is Chief Joe Agi SAN.

He's here to redeem us from the shackles of administrative malfeasances, ineptitude, wickedness and plundering through sterling representation as he sets to sponsor bills for sound legislations.

A vote for Joe Agi SAN is a redemptive vote. A vote against him is a plunderage and perpetual oil on the fetters of bondage. This is our golden chance of freedom.

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Joe Agi Ogar E. Oko Rivers State SAN Yala


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