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Opinion: How Ifeanyi Ubah Rescued Anambra South Senatorial Zone.

How Ifeanyi Ubah Rescued Anambra South Senatorial Zone.

AIF Media

Before now, ndi Anambra south senatorial zone only get to see their senator once in 4 years. Since 1999, all their past senators only remember them during election year. Once they are elected they will relocate to Abuja and disassociate themselves from the people.

In most cases, they will claim that they paid the people during the election and therefore should not be disturbed. They do not pick their calls neither do they have any programme to engage their constituents.

They do not attract any constituency project, neither do they care to enroll any programme to assist the poor and the vulnerable. 

They only return to seek reelection at every election year. Their stock in trade then was to throw 2,000 naira at the electorates and buy their votes. 

When it comes to attracting projects, they lag behind. They live extravagantly and treat their constituents who seek one favour or the other from them as beggars. 

But Senator Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah changed all these negative attitudes of the past senators from the zone. Ikemba is always around eating and dinning with his constituents. He visits them and share his agenda with them. He collates their reactions and responses which form part of his legislative input at the senate.

Presently, ndi Anambra south are witnessing quality representation with constituency projects ongoing in most communities. I learnt he is building two hospitals in Ekwulobia and Uga. His road project intervention helped to save the zone from total collapse of road infrastructure in the area.

He has trained many of the constituents in various skill and vocational courses. He is always there for his people. Despite his affluence, he is reachable. He walks freely on the streets without security. 

During the #endsars protests, he was the only political leader that was out on the streets talking to the youths to return to dialogue with the govt and stop burning down public facilities. All other leaders were on the run.

Can anyone beat his record on bringing the elites especially the billionaires together to pull funds for the development of the state?

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah has set a new record in Anambra south senatorial zone.

Then what belongs to Anambra south, they divert it at Abuja, but now, what belongs to Anambra south, he brings it home and share it to the people.

Why can't such a huge success in Anambra south be replicated in the entire state?

It is possible if we vote for Open Door Revolution come November 6.

AIF Media

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