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Revealed: See How Much Money Ministers Really Earn in Nigeria (See Photos)

Several times, questions have been raised over how much money our Ministers earn. According to Wikipedia, the basic salary of a minister in Nigeria is about 2 million naira per annum, excluding allowances.

Below is a list of allowances, and the amount of each allowance given to them.

From the figure given by Wikipedia, the following can be deduced (some figures are approximated)

Furniture = 6 million naira

Vehicle = 8.1 million naira

Vehicle fueling and maintenance= 1.5 million naira

Monitoring allowance = 3 hundred thousand

Personal assistant=5 hundred thousand naira

Newspaper allowance= 3 hundred thousand naira

Leave = 2 hundred thousand naira

Your Duty= 35,000

Estacode allowance = 900 dollars

Housing = 4 million

With the condition of things and based on their level of performance since they assumed office;

What do you think about these figures?

Are they too high or too low?

Do you think they deserve a pay raise or a pay cut?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below

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