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Are The Igbos The Most Hated Tribe In Nigeria?

Nigeria as a nation with many ethnic backgrounds has three major tribes namely–Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa. For a country with diverse ethnic groups, Nigeria has had it's fair share of tribal wars and disagreements.

The competition seems to be focused on the Igbos, The Yorubas and the Hausas. The Igbos arguably can be said to be the most hated ethnic group in Nigeria. For some reasons, the hate they receive from the Southwest especially is somewhat surprising, although it is a vice versa thing.

Here are some of the known reasons why the Igbos are hated by the Northerner and Southwest.

 1. Igbos claim a strong link to Israel saying we are jews. And the Northern part of Nigeria share clear similarities with the Arabs. So, it should not be strange to see the deep hatred coming from that part. Ask Junaid Mohammed who could pass for Number One Igbo hater of all times.

2. Igbos lead the very few ethnic nationalities in Nigeria that are fearless and bold in declaring their view not minding whose ox is gored. 

3. Ndigbo are hardly intimidated. One can convince or rather persuade Igbos to buy into an idea or a thing but cannot be intimidated. Ask Oba of Lagos.

4. There is a saying that if you visit any part of the world and can't find an Igbo man, then leave immediately because it is not fit for human habitation. Just like the Jews, Ndigbo are everywhere.

5. An Igbo man has the ability of looking at a desert and seeing not a desert but a stream of wealth. Igbos get into an environment hitherto consider worthless and empty, but in few years turn the place around with his sheer ingenuity and hard work.

6. Igbos share brotherhood in a manner that annoy other ethnic nationalities. A man arrives a community with a small bag, begins a business "Okonkwo and sons..." as soon as he finds his feet, he returns from one Christmas break with his younger brother who soon establishes his business "Ike Okonkwo Bros..." Before the owners of the land wake up to the opportunities in their land, "Okonkwo Enterprises Ltd" has been born.

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