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2023 election: Unification of Southern region, the only way of producing President in 2023.

Although electing someone to lead should be based on competency and willingness to serve. Still, the system of government in Nigeria doesn't end with just selecting someone that is competent alone or has the desire, so many things must also be put into consideration, and some of those things are religion and ethnicity.

 The race for 2023 is fast approaching with so many political games coming from all the political parties in the country. Most political parties are considering the system of zoning the President to southern Nigeria since the present President, Muhammadu Buhari is from the northern part of the country. 

 That doesn't mean people from northern Nigeria will still not be eligible to contest for the office of the President in 2023. There will surely be a northern candidate and zoning the office to the doesn't automatically means the President must be from them, so for the Southern region to have the President,they must do a lot of things.

 Southern Nigeria has two Major tribes, which are the Yorubas from the south-west and the Igbos from the southeast with some minor tribes from the south like Ijaw and co.

 The southern region had produced two Presidents since the beginning of the democracy in 1999. President Olusegun Obasanjo from the south-west and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan from then south south Nigeria. With the region the most likely place to produce the next President, there must a forced relationship between the two regions in other for them to achieve having the candidate from the region.

If South East produce one candidate, south south also has a candidate and another candidate from the south-west, the power might return to the North, and the south will need to wait again for another four years at least if they are going to taste power.

With so many potential candidates like Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Peter Obi, Governor Kayode Fayemi and the like, before presenting any one of them from the region, the following must be considered;

 1. Acceptability across the region and outside the region: The candidate that will be presented must be someone that is generally accepted by people from all the southern region with some support from the northern part of the country if he/she will stand a chance of winning the election. The population of the south Nigeria (3 regions) is small compare to the northern region.

 2. Competency and willingness: Because the region wants to produce the next President, that doesn't mean mediocrity will be put ahead of competency. That is not to say anyone will be accepted since the person is coming from Southern Nigeria, No. The person must have the capability to be the President of Nigeria; there must be track records that are sellable to Nigerians. 

 Either Southern or Northern person, Nigeria should come first in our heart, and whosoever that we will vote for in 2023 should not be based on region only. Competence should also be considered. Even thou region is a factor; it should not just be the only factor.


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